1) How often is the data updated?

The data is updated from March 1st to Dec 30th of each calendar year, through online forms, email submissions and via phone campaigns. All the organizations have a designated key account manager who is responsible for updating contact information throughout the year. In addition, we have our ears to the ground with an extensive network through our magazines -Benefits Canada and Avantage), who host 25 various events and conferences put together for the plan sponsors community; on behalf of the Canadian Investment Review brand.

2) Why do plan sponsors update?

We provide plan sponsors an overview of the market from the data collected through our network. A significant number of Canada’s largest plans contribute as they become part of the editorial content within Benefits Canada and Avantage. These included the “Top 100 Pension Plans” report that publishes annually in June. In addition, we maintain valuable relationships with many plans sponsors as they actively participate in several of our conferences.

3) Can the database be used for proprietary research for licensing companies?

No. The data is to be used solely for internal business or personal purposes and solely through the site. Any proprietary research through our contacts will have to be distributed through the research department.

4) How long is the subscription period/span?

Each subscription runs for one year unless otherwise specified. We will contact all users one month prior to their renewal date to ensure there is no disruption to their subscription access.

5) Can there be multiple users on one license?

The sharing of a User ID and Password is strictly prohibited and may result in termination of your account without reimbursement. The CIIN license fee is based on the total number of individual users within an organization, not simultaneous or concurrent users. Additional user IDs can be purchased at a special additional set price and activated immediately.

6) Why can’t I access the website? I’ve used it before.

Your license may have expired, please contact us at ciin@contexgroup.ca